About OICC
Overseas Indian Cultural Congress (OICC) is formed as the first step in bringing the various non-resident Indians of the state under one umbrella, came into being on 30.01.2010 at Thiruvanathapuram with support from the Congress' Kerala unit. Congress state unit Chief Ramesh Chennithala said the OICC, comprising various organisations based outside the country, has been formed and its constitution has been approved.Currently, there are more than two million NRIs who are settled outside the country, of which a giant majority is in the Middle East and over the years, their contributions as remittances, which have crossed Rs.25,000 crore, now comprise about 20 per cent of the state's net domestic product and 30 percent more than the state's annual receipts.'The two day meeting that concluded and attended by 250 representatives from various Middle Eastern countries and Europe, as also the US. Now these representatives will go back to these countries and form proper units of the OICC,' KPCC President said.

The main object of the organization shall be to work for social economic welfare of Keralites abroad. Maintenance of friendly relation with the nationals of the foreign countries. Projecting the image of India and Kerala in the interest of proper understanding and doing all such acts that are conducive to the welfare of the Indian nationals abroad who are committed to the ideological views of Indian National Congress. Helping the Indians in distress and organize cultural activities to entertain them, especially Malayalees.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

ഒ.ഐ.സി.സി ഓസ്ട്രേലിയ മെമ്പര്‍ഷിപ്പ് ക്യാമ്പയിന്‍ ദേശീയതല ഉദ്ഘാടനം നിര്‍വഹിച്ചു - Indian Malayali News